Enter the Inner Harmony Piano Journey for Inner Peace & Balance

I'm thrilled that you're considering embarking on your first Inner Harmony Journey. This inaugural musical sojourn, titled "Inner Peace & Balance," is crafted with the precise intention of fostering those very qualities in your life as you immerse yourself in its melodies. Upon your purchase, you'll receive an email with a download link to access this unique piece.

Once you've downloaded the music, I invite you to dedicate at least seven days to this journey, setting aside a special moment each day to listen. To enrich your experience, you'll receive daily emails containing breathing and meditation exercises designed to add depth to your journey. However, feel free to embrace the music in whatever way resonates with you the most.

Take advantage of the introductory price of just €17 for this Inner Harmony Journey, which was intuitively composed during a live Zoom session on January 10th 2024.

Be aware, the price of this track will soon increase to reflect its true value.

Don't miss this opportunity to embark on a path of inner peace and balance.

Your journey to a more harmonious life is just a click away.

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The order insures you with the download link of the unique music and a 7 day mail automation with meditative and breathing exercises

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Consider this perspective: While the collective themes in music are immensely powerful, imagine blending your own personal essence into this symphony of vibrations and musical notes. How about a track that is not only intuitive but also uniquely composed for you, resonating with your individual intention, energy, essence, and soul?

Alongside the intuitive music based on collective themes, would you like to have a track that is specially composed for you, tailored to your intention, unique energy, essence, and soul? This includes a reading and the music delivered to your inbox. Seize this unique opportunity for me, Roger Spees, to compose your SoulTrack of about 20 minutes live on Zoom. It's a personal private concert, just for you. Many have expressed feeling honored to have a pianist compose personally for them.

Does this intrigue you? If so, you can select this option, and we'll arrange a one-on-one Zoom session to create this just for you. For this, you pay only an additional €147 – a nominal fee for a personal composition that will support you for a lifetime.

Please note: The payment of €147 is made after completing the €17 payment, so it's not all at once.